Ground Cardio for Jiu Jitsu

So here is a harsh truth a lot of people find out when they try Jiu Jitsu for the first time: ground cardio is totally different from regular cardio. Big facts. Even for athletic people, who run all the time or play basketball or volleyball or whatever… these people are all amazed at how tiredContinue reading “Ground Cardio for Jiu Jitsu”

My Relationship with Jiu Jitsu Tournaments

So this past weekend was the toughest, most grueling and anticipated of all Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) tournaments, the IBJJF Worlds. The event unfolded over 5 days, running Thursday through Sunday. Seven people from my gym flew out to Los Angeles CA to compete. I anxiously followed online as my team mates battled it outContinue reading “My Relationship with Jiu Jitsu Tournaments”

Trying Out the 5 x 5 Weight Routine

The journey to gain proficiency in a martial art is rewarding but difficult. One key aspect is you must consistently train as much as you can. But whether you do a striking art like Muay Thai or a grappling art like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you are going to need recovery time. Your body needs theContinue reading “Trying Out the 5 x 5 Weight Routine”

Xu Xiaodong: A Modern Martial Arts Hero

Bullshido: martial arts instruction that is fraudulent, inept or otherwise not worth trusting (from a portmanteau of bushido and bullshit) Perhaps I am an idealist, but I am of the conviction that integrity is an essential, core tenant of being a martial artist. In Muay Thai, we spar to stress test our skills against live,Continue reading “Xu Xiaodong: A Modern Martial Arts Hero”

After Neglecting this Blog, I’M BACK!!!

So yeah, I started this blog a year ago, posted 3 things, then totally fucked off. My bad, everybody. My excuse is that in November of last year, my father had a stroke, and now a year later, as the oldest of my siblings, I am still dealing with the fallout from that. On topContinue reading “After Neglecting this Blog, I’M BACK!!!”

Karate: The Recessive Gene of MMA

When we think of the origins of MMA, we think of fighting styles such as Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, maybe even Judo or Dutch Kickboxing. We think of the earliest UFC events in which Royce Gracie dominated larger fighters with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or in which Mark Coleman pioneered the brutal “groundContinue reading “Karate: The Recessive Gene of MMA”

Blog Post the First

Oh, hello everybody. I didn’t see you there. You shouldn’t creep on me like that, though. I could’ve accidentally killed you with a pressure point punch or some shit like that. Your heart would explode and everyone would laugh and it would be super embarassing. Okay I’m just making stuff up, sorry. The point ofContinue reading “Blog Post the First”